What is Eurovision?

The Eurovision Song Contest is an annual competition which started back in 1956. The entrants in the competition are countries which are part of the European Broadcasting Union. This is not related to the European Union(EU) and the country does not have to be geographically within Europe to enter. In the first competition in 1956 only seven countries entered. Since then, 52 different countries have entered.  In 2017 there were 42 entrants.


Each entrant must have someone sing an original song live. After each entrant has sung, there is a combined vote by the audience and a panel of judges from each country. These two votes are turned into points. The country that receives the most points wins, and that country hosts the competition the next year. Last year the winner was Ukraine, so the competition was held this year in its capital city, Kiev.

For this year’s promo video, please see below: